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Who are we ?

A Human Adventure

Founded in March of the year 2000, Linkeo shares its beginnings with the rise of the Internet. Nearly twenty years later, Linkeo’s ever expanding team of web experts offer their services throughout France, Canada, Australia and the USA.

Innovation in our DNA

With its steadfast commitment to continuous innovation, Linkeo has received awards and recognition from both national and international labels. The agency’s impressive innovation and expansion has also earned it the support of Oséo, Coface and the Gemmes Ventures investment fund.

A Culture of Results

Thriving in four different countries, the company boasts 600 employees and a 2018 turnover of 40 million Euros.

Since its creation, Linkeo has achieved remarkable and perpetual growth that has placed the web agency as a key leader on the market.

Key Accounts Paris Division

Composed of engineers, developers and web marketers, our team’s mission lies in the successful execution of complex high-tech projects. Through every stage of every project, we stand behind our values of innovation and strong customer relationships.

Grounded in our expert support and guidance, your project is guaranteed to attain the success you aspire to.